Community Development


P4PD undertakes research, advocacy and new initiatives in community development. We also aim to engage to public and policy-makers through dissemination of research and discussions of new and emerging perspectives.

Community Development is informed by community-based research and assessment to understand the community before work is initiated:

Building from Success and Positive Deviance in Annandale and Buxton is an initiative designed to continue the search for positive deviance that exists intra and inter-community experiences that could be amplified or customized for community development in places with recurring challenges. The community’s involvement in identification, design, supply of resources for implementation and monitoring of the initiatives with P4PD walking alongside them, makes this intervention different from other types of project that start off with an ‘outsiders’ prescription

Led a community participatory survey research on the ‘barricade” between Annandale and Buxton from November 2011 get a better sense of views about the ‘barricades’ and its impact on inter-community relations. The survey also searched for positive deviance and identified experiences that offer hope for change in the near future.

Community Resource Mapping was convened and conducted in the communities of Annandale/Eastville and Buxton/Friendship. The CRM attempted to establish an inventory of assets and positive community action that could be mobilized by community members for lasting change. The aim of the exercise was to encourage community members to build on the past successes and with resources already available in their communities.