Abbas Mancey

Abbas is the current co-chair of Partners for Peace and Development. His expertise spans elections observation, public education on democracy and election violence monitoring. He has had wide national and regional experience in advocacy, training, research, and programme development in the areas of gender violence and conflict resolution. Abbas has worked in many communities with men and boys in particular and has been associated with CariMan.

Adrian Alfred

Adrian has just completed reading for a degree in International Relations at the University of Guyana. His interests are conflict resolution, community peace building and sports. For the past two years he has been and active member of the organisation as a researcher and community mobiliser involved in our projects.

Earl Daniels

Earl has over two decades of service in the public security sector. He adds experience and professional training in the fields of management, security, peace and conflict resolution. Earl has a passion to contribute positively to human development and has found satisfaction volunteering his service alongside other team members to achieve core objectives of the organisation.

Iasha Bacchus

Iasha has done a wide range of local research and conducted various surveys related to ethnicity, crime over the last five years all across Georgetown, Guyana. She continues to pursue her interest as a volunteer researcher with P4PD.

Judy A. Stuart

Judy A. Stuart is member of the organization who has had considerable experience in research and conducting surveys in community development. Her experience as a budding attorney enhances the organisation’s objective of human rights advocacy. Judy is currently involved in community development initiatives in Annandale and Buxton.

Roxanne Myers

Roxanne is a peace advocate who has both national and international experience as a researcher in various social and public policy issues serves as the other co-chair for the P4PD. She is committed to women and youth empowerment, non-violence, peacebuilding and sustainable development. Over the past four years she has pioneered the work of the organisation. She also serves as deputy chair of the Caribbean Coalition for Development and Reduction of Armed Violence (CDRAV).

Tekisha Henry

Tekisha has been actively involved in research on crime, violence and private security for the past two years. She has studied international relations and has been able to participate in regional meetings on crime and security in CARICOM.

Tomaisha Hendricks

Tomaisha is a newest associate of the organisation with over 10 years experience in the field of program development and implementation of community-based programs within diverse populations. Although relatively new to the field of conflict resolution Tomaisha’s passion and dedication has been evident in the community participatory survey, which she led in Annandale.

Walter J. M. Alexander

 Walter has eight years professional experience as a researcher on media, migration, penal reform, reconciliation and the politics of Caribbean and Latin American. His interests include, championing various social causes and sports. He currently serves as an advisor to P4PD.