About Us

‘Partners’ for Peace and Development is a non-governmental organisation committed to research and advocacy on issues pertaining to human development, peace and good governance.  In 2007, we started as a small group of five persons who not only wanted to empower communities that experienced violence, but we are also committed to social change.  The more time we spent with local vulnerable communities the more we were convinced that peace could only be sustainable when people contribute to and enjoy their own development.

Our Vision

To be part of a cohesive, multicultural Guyana devoted to sustainable human development and a peaceful environment where all persons in the society enjoy their human rights, realise their dreams and utilise their potential to develop themselves with dignity and respect for each other.

Our Mission

We aim to develop a culture of inquiry before action into issues affecting our human development through independent thought, freedom of research, civilized debate and action amongst different groups and sectors of the society.

Our Goal

Seek positive deviance and support social change that focuses on building from success and embrace people-centred development that highlights positive aspects of our common humanity.

Our Objectives

  • To produce research on violence, conflict and peace to support advocacy, policy and programme reform;
  • Promote peaceful initiatives that enhance respect for human rights, gender justice and sustainable development of communities;
  • To promote evidence-based initiatives that are grounded in the needs and past successes of diverse cultural communities in realising their full potential;
  • To promote community decision-making processes in areas of human development that raises the standard and quality of life in general, eliminates discrimination, enhances co-existence and encourages participation in public affairs in particular;
  • To collaborate and build partnerships with local, national, regional and international organizations to contribute to a non-violent and just society.

Our Approach

Underpinning the vision and mission of P4PD is committed to building from successful experiences and initiatives, inclusiveness and excellence in programmes and projects. We approach each task and initiative by seeking to learn about past successes and positive deviance from the community. For too long the multifaceted task of human development has been approached from the dominant development perspective of expert knowledge and strategies, thereby ignoring indigenous and community-based successes and resources that could be harnessed and nurtured for sustainable social change. We support long-lasting solutions that empower communities to take responsibility for their own development in partnership with sponsors and friends.